Last days of three exhibitions at Hafnarhús

Erró: More is Beautiful at Hafnarhús

The last day of the exhibitions Erró: More is BeautifulTak i lige måde: Contemporary Art from Denmark and D33 Anna Fríða Jónsdóttir: Tone is Monday, 21 May.

Erró: More is Beautiful
This exhibition shines a special light on Erró´s works which revolve around excess and density. This imaging has been an important part of his art and goes all the way back to his earliest work. More than thirty pieces from the Erró collection of the Reykjavík Art Museum – paintings, collages and movies – show how the artist creates intricate and charged structures which communicate materials related to politics, science, fiction and art history.

Tak i lige måde: Contemporary Art from Denmark
Reykjavík Art Museum commemorates the centennial of Iceland´s independence and sovereignty by inviting Danish artists to exhibit their work in the museum. A former ruler of Iceland, Denmark has a long history as a colonial power, Greenland and the Faroe Island still belong to the kingdom. The participants from Denmark are Jeannette Ehlers, Jesper Just, John Kørner and Tinne Zenner. 

D33 Anna Fríða Jónsdóttir: Tone
On her travels, Anna Fríða searches for harmony in her surroundings, she listens out for certain notes. She views the world around her as a wide selection of musical instruments; kettledrums, piano, bells and strings. In her work, she captures the sound waves and creates a form for them.