Final days of the exhibition Subselves Mean Well by Arnfinnur Amazeen

The exhibition Subselves Mean Well by Arnfinnur Amazeen will be closed down on Sunday 7 August. In his practice, Arnfinnur examines the monotonous round of everyday life and the contradictory role of the person within.

Arnfinnur completed a MFA degree from Glasgow School of Art in 2006 and BA degree from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts in 2001. Recent solo exhibitions are "Kollektive" in Grafikernes Hus, "Self" in Værelse 101 in Copenhagen and "Myrkrið borið inn (á ný)" in Kling og Bang Reykjavík. His last solo exhibiton in Iceland was "Gríman er andlitið" in Kunstschlager in 2014. Arnfinnur lives and works in Copenhagen.