Exhibition opening: The Enclave by Richard Mosse

The Enclave at Hafnarhús

Richard Mosse will open his exhibition The Enclave at Reykjavík Art Museum, Hafnarhús, at 8 p.m. on 30 September. At 9 p.m. he and his colleagues will do Q&A.

The Enclave is a six-channel video installation, shot in eastern Congo, is an immersive 40-minute of ghostly psychedelic magenta landscape blighted by human tragedy in Congo. In addition, a selection of large format photographs from The Enclave will also be on view.

Central to Mosse’s work is the idea that the ubiquity of wartime images has desensitized us to the atrocities of war. Disturbing footage from conflict regions around the world appears on our screens with such regularity that it is often disregarded as simply more visual clutter. By registering an invisible spectrum of light, this film transforms the colour green into a brilliant pink, rendering the landscape in a surreal, psychedelic palette.

Mosse and his collaborators, cinematographer Trevor Tweeten, composer Ben Frost and their assistant John Holten will answer questions and discuss their work with the audience. The Enclave debuted at the 55thVenice Biennale in 2013, where Mosse represented Ireland. The artist was born in 1980 in Ireland and is based in New York.