Idea Lab


The Idea Lab is located in Kjarvalsstaðir and is open to all visitors free of charge. It is especially designed to inspire children and adults in creative collaboration by studying visual art, encouraging people to discover something new, and to be influenced by the world of art. The Idea Lab is also a place for creating, with paper and pencils on offer for sketching ideas and concepts, and a place to ponder. Inside the Idea Lab you will find the Inspiration Library, which is a growing collection of curious books recommended by numerous artists and designers to ignite new ideas and provide inspiration. The Museum seeks to encourage imagination and offer insight into the world of working artists.

The Museum regularly offers events for its youngest visitors in the Idea Lab, called mini-workshops. Each event is unique and these workshops are usually overseen by an artist and in relation to the current exhibitions in Kjarvalsstaðir at each given time. Each mini-workshop is suited to certain age groups, which are announced in the museums event programme. The goal is to reach children of various ages and offer them a chance to try their hand at different art forms with guidance from professional artists.

Guðfinna Mjöll Magnúsdóttir is the mastermind and designer behind the Lab, and the artist Huginn Þór Arason created the artwork on the wall.