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Magnús Árnason - Homage

Magnús Árnason´s installation Homage, in the dome of the Ásmundarsafn art museum, refers to Louis Pasteur´s (1822-1895) experiment who´s findings conflicted with the theory of spontaneous generation.

Magnus’s work, whether in his sound-pieces, sculptures or performances, stand on a vague line between the real and unreal, fiction and facts. In his recent work, he has worked with nature and natural history; moving away from the mythological references seen in his earlier work. Researching the realm of science and its history, questioning any one true method of its field and rather backing up in order to rediscover ‘truths’ or aesthetic qualities otherwise hidden from us.
Magnús Árnason (b.1977) graduated from Akademie der Bildenden Künste in 2003, Vienna. Previously he studied both at I.M.U. School of Music, Reykjavik and the Technical College in Hafnarfjordur. Selected solo exhibitions: 2010, Of life, Natural History Museum of Kopavogur, Kopavogur // 2007, Polymorph, Locustprojects, Miami // 2005, Sjúkleiki Benedikts, Kling&bang, Reykjavik. Selected group exhibitions: 2009, when you sleep you don´t sin, Nowy Teatr, Warsaw // 2008, LISTE 08- The Young Art Fair, Basel // 2006, The Apostles’ Clubhouse, Reykjavik Art Museum, Reykjavik // 2005 The Pantagruel Syndrome, T1 Torino Triennale Tremusei, Torino.


Sunday 1 May 2 p.m.
Ásmundarsafn – Homage
Gallery Talk with artist Magnús Árnason and biologist, Dr. Guðmundur Eggertsson.

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Pétur Thomsen
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Sunnudag 1. maí kl. 14 Ásmundarsafn – Homage Listamannsspjall – Magnús Árnason og Dr. Guðmundur Eggertsson líffræðingur ræða um innsetninguna í Kúlu Ásmundarsafns.

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