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Erró – Graphic Art, 1949 – 2009

The exhibition provides a comprehensive overview of Erró’s graphic art, from his student years until the present day. The works, arranged by the various graphic techniques used, include stamp prints, linocuts, woodcuts and etchings, lithographs and silkscreen prints; in recent years the artist has also used digital technology. 

Erró’s graphic art evolved in tandem with his painting, which reached a decisive turning point in 1963-4, when the artist abandoned drawing images of fantastical creatures from his own imagination and turned to mass-produced images from which he made collages which served as models for paintings and/or prints.

Erró’s graphic art is an integral element of his oeuvre as a whole. In the artist's mind, graphic art is a marvellous way to make his art more accessible to the public. 

Overview photos: 
Pétur Thomsen
Danielle Kvaran
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Exhibition opening images: 

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