30. June 2019 - 16:00

William Morris: Let Beauty Rule!

William Morris: Let Beauty Rule!
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Opening of the exhibition William Morris: Let Beauty Rule!

An exhibition on the work of British designer William Morris. Morris (1834-1896) was an artist, thinker, author and social critic who greatly influenced his time and left a visual heritage and ideology which continue to influence us today. Morris’s connection to Iceland is interesting, he visited the country twice during his career, in 1871 and 1873. Morris was greatly affected by his visits to Iceland, the landscape and the culture fascinated him. He is said to have considered himself a man of the north, as was evident in his incessant interest in Icelandic literature, but also in his unpolished appearance.

This exhibition is a collaboration with William Morris Gallery in London and Millesgården in Stockholm. It has also been installed in Denmark and Edinburgh. This is the first exhibition in Iceland to cover Morris’s diverse career. In addition to previous installations of this exhibition, this one will include a special chapter on the Icelandic connection. The exhibition will be held at Kjarvalsstaðir in June – October 2019, and it opens with intensive communication to the public, school groups, experts and special interest groups. Among other things, the exhibition holds original drawings of Morris’s patterns; wallpapers and work processes; paintings; drawings; stained glass windows; furniture and wall-hangings. His original edition of his translations of the Icelandic Sagas will also be on show. The Icelandic chapter of the exhibition will include artefacts which Morris brought back from Iceland and influenced his imagery, for example carved horns and national costumes.