3. June 2018 - 18:00 to 18:30

Reykjavík Arts Festival Hub: Drosophila - performance

Festival Hub: Drosophila - performance by Borghildur Indriðadóttir
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The starting point will be Landsímahúsið by Austurvöllur, travelling on to the Festival Hub. The happening will also be streamed live on a screen at the Hub.

DEMONCRAZY is a photo series exhibited on large billboards on Austurvöllur square Reykjavík. Young topless women pose with a determined, strong attitude next to paintings, photographs and statues of men in public institutions. 

The accompanying performance “Drosophila” by artist Borghildur Indriðadóttir is inspired by the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. The fruit fly was the first to answer biological questions about gender determination and sexual behaviour. The choreography is influenced by the behavioural patterns, group organisation and movement patterns of the flies. Furthermore, the intense, potent red colour of the compound eyes reflected in the performance “Drosophila” displays the feeling of power, concentration and determination. 

The performance will take place on Sunday, June 3rd at 6 pm at Austurvöllur Square. From there the performance will take the viewers to Klúbburinn at the Reykjavík Art Museum by the Harbour.


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