5. September 2015 - 15:00

MIX – New exhibition in D-Gallery

MIX, 2015.
Event location: 

The exhibition MIX  will be opened in the D- gallery at Hafnarhús in Reykjavík Art Museum on Saturday 5 September at 3. p.m. This is Kunstschlager´s last exhibition at Hafnarhús this summer. 

Þórdís Erla Zoega and Þór Sigurþórsson unite and a possible mixture will emerge in the exhibition.  

About the exhibition MIX:
There is no doubt a reason you should be doubting.

Do you perceive what the other perceives?
Where does it begin and where will it end, when is the unification present and when is it finished?
Do you see what you want to be seeing?

Where awareness and perception overlap-where it all becomes the one true MIX.

No tricks now-only you and all the others.

What is behind, what is under and where is the center - will you trust what you see?

Free entrance for holders of Annual Pass/Culture Pass