15. September 2019 - 15:00

Floral Fantasy: Harpa Björnsdóttir

Curator Harpa Björnsdóttir. Photo: Hildur Inga Björnsdóttir.
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Curator Harpa Björnsdóttir talks about the exhibition Sölvi Helgason: Floral Fantasy.

Sölvi Helgason (1820-1895), or Sólon Íslandus as he also called himself, is indisputably Iceland’s most fascinating folk artist; a charismatic outsider both in his life and in his art. He was a rover, a scholar and an artist, but also a capricious eccentric who disobeyed the law of men and was hence punished with imprisonment.

Rich and colorful flower compositions characterize Sölvi’s works, and he repeatedly used the same floral patterns, either as the main subject of the image, or as background for portraits.

In Icelandic. Free with admission.

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