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Film Programme: Life at the Ends of the Earth

Jóhann Jóhannsson, End of Summer, 2014.
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The polar regions are still today parts of the planet that kindle notions of a distant and exotic world. The idea that not everything has been mapped fully and there is hope for new discoveries, new experiences. Each in their own way the two films reflect these topics, one by the South Pole and the other by the North Pole. 

End of Summer, Jóhann Jóhannsson, 2014 (28 min).

A journey through the austere landscapes of the island of South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula. The original score plays key role together with the landscape and life in this remote region.The film is informed by the philosopher Timothy Morton’s idea of “dark ecology” – in which the old ideas of nature as an object of beauty and the privileging of the human is disputed.

Tales of a Sea Cow, Etienne de France, 2012 (52 min).

Combining fact and fiction, the documentary-style film describes a team of scientists working in the North. They aim to decode animal communication and have achieved the first ever translation of the song of the giant Steller's sea cow, a species thought to have been extinct since the 18th century.

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