24. August 2019 - 14:00 to 16:00

Bread Cake Competition

Bread Cake Competition
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Bread cake is an important part of Icelandic food culture. Most of us have tasted bread cakes at family parties and when we have come together to celebrate milestones of family and friends. In recent years the bread cake has been disappearing from the banquet tables but now they are being enjoyed again. 

To show the bread cake the honour it deserves it has been decided to hold a bread cake competition at the Reykjavík Art Museum - Hafnarhús at Culture Night. Does your bread cake excel?

There will be three categories:
- The most beautiful bread cake
- The most original bread cake
- The tastiest bread cake

The winner of each category will receive a prize. 

We encourage those interested in taking part in the competition to send an email to braudtertanlifir@gmail.com and we will send back the application form.

10 participants will be selected in each category.

The organizers of the event are: Tanja Levý, Valdís Steinarsdóttir, Erla Hlynsdóttir and Erla Gísladóttir (Erla and Erla Bread cake Association) in collaboration with Reykjavik Culture Night and the Reykjavik Art Museum.


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