6. April 2020 - 8:00 to 23:45

Artwork of the day: Would You Like Some More?

Anna Líndal, Má bjóða þér meira? / Would You Like Some More?, 1995.

Artwork of the day is Would You Like Some More? from 1995 by Anna Líndal.

The photo series shows the artist with a patterned apron, a silent woman in the midst of the mundane activity of pouring coffee in a cup. Her generosity is such that the cup overflows creating a sense of danger. This situation can be compared with the sense of unrest created when women demanded more attention and equal opportunities to men.

The conflict between private life and social expectations is a repeated subject in Líndal's early works. Then she, as a young mother, decided to limit her resources to materials she could find in the home, thereby changing a situation generally thought of as restricting, into a habitat of artistic creation.

Here you can see images from his retrospective at Kjarvalsstaðir in 2018.