3. April 2020 - 8:00 to 23:45

Artwork of the day: The Key For The Sympathetic Nerve System

Erró (1932), Lykillin að sjálfvirka taugakerfinu / The Key For The Sympathetic Nerve System, 1961.

Artwork of the day is The Key For The Sympathetic Nerve System from 1961 by Erró (1932).

This piece alludes to the sympathetic nervous system in a multitude of intertwined, dancing shapes forming an enormous, vibrant field, most of the shapes having human characteristics. When Erró was working on this piece he said he had “accumulated a vast number of medical pictures, organ charts and surgical publications, all of which I received from my German friend who had inherited them from his father, a doctor.”

Erró later sought inspiration from these images when he sketched the composition, on the basis of which he painted a Surrealist-Expressionist “landscape.” In retrospect this painting should be classified among Erró's “scapes,” a term coined in 1964 for paintings where an enormous number of similar phenomena form a panoramic “landscape” on the picture plane. In 1985 this painting was re-named Nervescape.

Here you can read more about the exhibition and look through pictures from the opening.