14. January 2021 - 20:00

Artists on Artists: Einar Örn Benediktsson – LIVE STREAMING

Einar Örn Benediktsson, photo Einar Snorri.
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This event is fully booked based on the current restrictions on gatherings.

On the occasion of Gilbert & George: THE GREAT EXHIBITION, the Reykjavík Art Museum has approached few artists to walk with visitors through the exhibition and examine artworks and the exhibition through the artists point of view.

The British artist duo Gilbert & George is made up of two men who together form a creative force. For over five decades, they have created unique works where daily life and art merge. These world-renowned artists have shaped contemporary art, and they are known for paving the way for performance art and approaching their private life like an artwork. They have challenged prevailing, bourgeois ideas of taste and decorum, and also advanced the changing of attitude towards gays and other minority groups.

Einar Örn Benediktsson (b. 1962) is an artist and entrepreneur from Reykjavík, Iceland. He has been an important figurehead and a leading catalyst in the Icelandic art and culture scene since the late 70’s. During his media studies at the University of Westminster Einar Örn got involved in UK’s energetic anarcho punk music scene which led to a notable music career with Kukl and later The Sugarcubes. After living in London for several years Einar Örn knows the city inside and out and the environment from which Gilbert & George emerge. He has also insight into how Gilbert & George talk into popular culture and have influenced trends in fashion and music.

In his art practice Einar Örn has utilized a wide range of media; sound art, performance, words, music and multimedia but is currently focusing on works on paper, large scale murals and textile prints. All connected through his playful way of telling stories that simultaneously amuse and baffle. Einar Örn’s drawings, a personal daily ritual, explore anecdotes and real-life situations with such unique style of execution and storytelling that it borders on the surreal and dada-esque.

Einar Örn has exhibited internationally and in Iceland and was commissioned by Performa 09 and TB-A21 to perform new works by his critically acclaimed experimental band Ghostigital which is a collaboration between himself and artist/musician Curver Thoroddsen.

Free entrance with a museum ticket and for holders of Annual Pass/Culture Pass.