Macho Man

Photo: Geirix

Reykjavík Art Museum is one of the venues for this years edition of Reykjavík Dance Festival and presents two works at Hafnarhús.


Samsett mynd

Sunday 30 August is the last day of the exhibitions, Júlíana Sveinsdóttir and Ruth Smith: Two Strong Women and Textile art by Júlíana Sveinsdóttir and Anni Albers: Vertical / horizontal at Kjarvalsstaðir.

Reykjavík Art Museum offers a diverse programme  at Hafnarhús and Kjarvalsstaðir for this year’s Reykjavík Culture Night that takes place on Saturday August 22nd. The program is free and open to everyone. 


Hafþór Yngvason og Ólöf K. Sigurðardóttir

Ólöf served as the director of Hafnarborg, cultural and artistic center of Hafnarfjörður from 2008-2015 where she was the artistic director. She was responsible for the exhibitions program and other professional activities such as the museum education program, concerts and other cultural events.

Hvorki né / Neither Nor

The exhibition Neither Nor will be opened in the D- gallery at Hafnarhús in Reykjavík Art Museum on Saturday 15 August at 3. p.m. This is Kunstschlager´s fifth exhibition at Hafnarhús this summer.

Wiolators: Reykjavík Edition

Kunstschlager opens the exhibition Wiolators: Reykjavík Edition on Saturday 8 August at 3 p.m. in Kunstschlagerstofa at Hafnarhús.

Still life

19 artists show new works on Still life, the fourth exhibition of Kunstschlager in D-gallery at Hafnarhús which opens on Saturday 25 July at 3 p.m. The aim is to provide insight into the methods of contemporary artists as they deal with classic methods.

Listasafn Reykjavíkur

The Reykjavík Art Museum is celebrating a landmark today, when information about over one thousand exhibitions which have been on display at the museum from the beginning become accessible on-line on a new website


Grapevine has chosen Reykjavík Art Museum the best art museum in Reykjavík this year. This is the fifth time that Reykjavík Art Museum gets this recognition from Grapevine.