Public Art Competition in Vogabyggð

An extensive competition on public art in Vogabyggð in Reykjavík.

According to a site plan of the neighbourhood, art works shall be a part of its overall design and visual arts a prominent and decisive part of the environment and the society, aiming to create stimulating surroundings for all ages and social groups.

Up to 140 million ISK will be spent on one or more art works, consistent with the city´s policy and as a part of a contract with the property owners in Vogabyggð. It is believed that the art works will form distinctive landmarks in the area.

The competition is held in accordance with the rules of The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists (SÍM) – it is a closed competition with an open preselection. Artists who are chosen to participate will have access to information and advice from an architectural design team, landscape architects and engineers who plan the public spaces and streets in Vogabyggð.

Application deadline to participate in the preselection is 2 May 2018. The preselection committee chooses up to eight artists to send in completed suggestions.

Further information about the competition can be found on

Reykjavík Art Museum is in charge of art works in Vogabyggð and this competition.