Reykjavík Arts Festival Hub: Listening party with Borko |
4. June 2018 -
21:00 to 22:00

Reykjavík Arts Festival Hub: Listening party with Borko

Reykjavík Art Festival Hub: Listening party with Borko
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Listening party with Borko at the Hub on Monday, June 4th at 9pm. Borko's music from the dance piece "The Lover" by Bára Sigfúsdóttir. 

"In the fall of 2014 I was at an art residency in Brussels with Bára in order to work on the music for "The Lover". We spent our first day there discussing our ideas about life and art, the challenges we faced as artists and in what direction we wanted to head. We both wanted to rely more on simplicity, creating something that would reveal depth and inner truth if listened and looked upon carefully. So we immediately found some aesthetic harmony on the first day. The following day, some magic started to grow and in the next three days I more or less composed the music." Borko

For the last two decades musician Björn Kristjánsson (Borko) has been active as a soloist, music teacher, composer for stage performances (dance and theatre) and a member of bands like Rúnk, FM Belfast and Skakkamanage.

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