Reykjavík Arts Festival Hub: Artist Talk - Daniel Lismore |
3. June 2018 - 21:00

Reykjavík Arts Festival Hub: Artist Talk - Daniel Lismore

Vertu þú sjálf/ur: Daniel Lismore
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London based artist, designer, celebrity stylist, writer and campaigner will cover his journey as a person, hardships he has faced and his life as an artist living as art. 

Daniel Lismore is known for his elaborate and extravagant ensembles that brilliantly combine haute couture with his own designs created out of vintage fabrics, found objects, chain mail, ethnic jewellery, millinery and more in an expression of eccentric creative energy. 

His exhibition, Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken, consist of life-size sculptural warriors – created by the artist and each wearing an ensemble worn by the artist at a key point in his life, each a reflection of his multidimensional identity, together an army forming a tapestry of his journey to his true self.

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