20. October 2016 - 20:00

Guided Tour: Bjarni Hinriksson on Erró

Bjarni Hinriksson
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Bjarni Hinriksson, cartoonist and author of comics, takes visitors through Erró‘s exhibition, War and Peace. Hinriksson reveals a reading of the work with the comparative association to the source material behind each canvas. He will focus on the suggestive space between the images – where the true subject of the works may lie. 

War, all the hot and cold wars that have been in the headlines right through the 20th and 21st centuries have preoccupied Erró throughout his career. He has made reference to war, directly or indirectly, via images (advertising, news photos, strip cartoons, propaganda posters, press cartoons), which he brings back from the four corners of the world and puts together in collages, then in paintings, in order to produce open narratives that are complex and subtle.

The event takes place in Icelandic. Admission included in museum ticket.

Photo: Dagur Gunnarsson

Free entrance for holders of Annual Pass/Culture Pass