29. April 2017 -
11:00 to 12:00
30. April 2017 -
11:00 to 12:00

Children's Culture Festival: Flóttamaðkarnir - Performance for 4-9 years old

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Flóttamaðkarnir is a new lively and delightful play written by leikhópurinn Sjónarspil with live musical performance of music by Megas.

The earthworm couple Áni and Ána, live a peaceful life together in harmony with the gardener. An agreement had been made between men and animals which stated that they would not eat each other and would work together to cultivate the earth after a massive destruction. One day the gardener breaks the agreement and destroys Áni and Ána's home while he is looking for worms to go fishing. The couple is forced to flee their home.

The play is for children 4-9 years old and their families. It is 45 minutes long and afterwards the children will get a chance to meet the characters and the actors of the play. Everybody is welcome.


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