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TALK Series- Didier Semin

Hafnarhús, Thursday 27th of September

VimeoDidier Semin (01:06:48)

Hafnarhus - Saturday 22 September 2012

VimeoPhilosophical discussions- The Power of Passage, Part I (37:08)

VimeoPhilosophical discussions- The Power of Passage, Part II (31:29)


(I)ndependent People at Reykjavik Art Festival 2012

Hafnarhus - Thursday 24 May 2012
VimeoCurator´s talk with Jonatan Habib Engqvist (53:35)

Ásmundarsafn - Saturday 5 May 2012
VimeoThe Fire Within - Performance (07:19)



Fimmtudag 26. janúar kl. 20

Eleanor Heartney is the first participant in TALK Series, a collaborative lecture program initiated by Reykjavik Art Museum, the Icelandic Art Center and the Icelandic Academy of the Arts. Heartney´s lecture, on the topic of art and labour, referred to the work of Santiago Sierra currently on show at Reykjavik Art Museum.

Using Santiago Sierra’s provocative meditations on the exploitation of labor as a springboard, this lecture looks at the ways that artists explore and are themselves implicated in current debates about the precarious place of the worker in an age of global markets, labor eliminating mechanization and the rise of the digital economy. No longer simply observers of these sweeping changes, artists find themselves swept up in them. In the process they find that it is not enough simply to express solidarity with the beleaguered worker. Instead, they must reexamine how they, and their work, are part of the larger system that is reshaping the meaning of labor and society in the 21st century. Among the artists to be discussed are Oliver Ressler, Sharon Lockhart, Cao Fei, Stephanie Rothenberg and Mika Rottenberg.

VimeoEleanor Heartney – Art and Labour / Part 1 (55:15)
VimeoEleanor Heartney – Art and Labour / Part 2 (42:33)






Reykjavik Art Museum, Kjarvalsstaðir, Sunday 15 January 3 – 5 p.m.

A symposium set to discuss contemporary architecture in relation to relation to the exhibition of the architecture firm Snøhetta at Reykjavik Art Museum - Kjarvalsstaðir. Curator, Eva Madshus discussed Norwegian contemporary architecture and Tarald Lundevall, at Snøhetta introduced selected projects of Snøhetta. Further discussions on Norwegian influences on Icelandic architecture took place through panel disscussion with the participation of Icelandic architects Ólöf Örvarsdóttir and Baldur Ó. Svavarsson.

Norwegian Contemporary Architecture
VimeoEva E. Madshus, Senior Curator at The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design. (23:48)

VimeoTarald Lundevall, partner and project manager at Snøhetta. (55:55)


Eva E. Madshus, Senior Curator at The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design.
Tarald Lundevall at Snøhetta.
Ólöf Örvarsdóttir, architect and Director at City Planning Office, Reykjavik.
Baldur Ó. Svavarsson, architect at Úti & inni.

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