Listasafn Islands

Open court

The Open court at the Hafnarhus is available for private hire for various events. Among the events that have taken place at the Open Court are Iceland Airwaves music festival, receptions, meetings and conferences, fashion shows, beauty pageants, wedding parties, product launches, birthday parties, annual celebration, shareholder meetings, film festivals etc.

The hirer is responsible for planning and setting up the event, renting equipment and other materials, unless otherwise stated.

• Floor area 500 m².
• Ceiling height 12 meters.

• Standing, 1000 guests.
• In seating rows, 500 guest.
• Seated at round tables, 320 guests.
• Seated at tables, 450 guests.

Other spaces
• The Lobby, Passage and other open spaces are also used as a part of the
   reception when suitable.
• The total floor area for hire on the first floor is 1021 m², including the
   Open court and the Multi-purpose Hall.

*Maximum capacity is applies to events that last 4 hours or more.

For further details contact:
Björg Atladóttir,
or by phone at: +354 590 1200

Printed of the web Reykjvik Art Museum, 30.45.2015