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In a text about the fundamental features of curatorship by Ambrose and Paine (1998:42–47) it is stated that museums play an important role in the field of education, with either children or adults. The most lively museums do not wait for people to come and visit them and leave it at that. They bring their services out into the community.

Receive the traveling exhibition for schools from the Reykjavík Art Museum

Reykjavík elementary schools can avail themselves of two traveling exhibitions for schools over a period of 2-3 weeks at a time along with carefully designed projects and an introduction the the possible use of exhibitions and projects. The educational kits are designed by teachers with a background in the arts and art theory and the projects are integrated into the curriculum. The traveling exhibitions are stored in specially designed trunks on wheels which are 180 cm high, 70 cm in width and 165 cm in length when closed. They are moveable between spaces but when the exhibition has been set up each wall is around 235 cm in length. Each exhibition is stored in two trunks which are arranged side-by-side in approximately 2-10 meters of exhibition space and contain around 8-12 pieces of art which are all owned by the museum and most of them are by Icelandic painters.

Traveling exhibition 1 - Painting and human beings / Is everyone different?

The projects in educational kit 1 are intended for the mid- and teenage level of art class and life skills.

Most of the exhibits are about human beings, different perspectives, a description of man, images, cultural tradition in relation to youth, clichés and prejudices.

Traveling exhibition 2 - The artists' vision of nature / To each his own….

The projects in educational kit 2 are meant for younger and mid-level students in art class and natural history. The exhibits deal with nature and various painters' visions of the subject of nature. The exhibits on hand are paintings, photographs, drawings and video installations which offer many possibilities in the integration of art class and natural history. The content of both exhibitions can be found in the educational kit for each exhibition which comes with the the exhibition when it is loaned out. It is possible to request that the educational kit be sent before the actual exhibition is leased. The introduction and lease of the exhibition are given to elementary schools in Reykjavík free of charge. Other municipalities must pay insurance and transportation costs if local schools wish to lease the exhibition.


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