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A visit to the Reykjavík Art Museum offers various kinds of possibilities to experience the museum for education and study. The Reykjavik Art Museum is operated at three Reykjavík locations, Kjarvalsstaðir at Flókagata, the Ásmundur Sveinsson Art Musem at Sigtún and Hafnarhús in Tryggvagata. A visit to an art gallery with students can be integrated with a number of subjects such as life skills, Icelandic, natural history, environmental studies, social studies and math.

Come for a visit with the students - with or without a museum instructor.

The Reyjavík Art Museum offers around thirty art exhibitions a year at three locations: The Ásmundur Sveinsson Museum, Kjarvalsstaðir and Hafnarhús. The museum instructors at the Reykjavík Art Museum receive students at all school levels. nursery school, elementary, college and university level. The visits are specially orchestrated for each educational level and in collaboration with teachers if so requested. School groups are received at the museum from Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 15:30 or by arrangement. The visits takes one or two hours. The maximum number of students in a group is 25 or one class. It it important to schedule the visit well in advance. The museum offers instruction in the form of a guided tour which is free of charge for schools.

The Reykjavík Art Museum is also happy to welcome school visits by groups who wish to experience the museum without a guide but all groups need to notify museum staff of their arrival well in advance. It is possible to schedule a visit by filling out the form here to the left or calling 590 1200. It is also possible to send a request through the e-mail address fraedsludeild@reykjavik.is and we will respond as soon as possible.

I is possible to access the museum rules here but it is advisable to read them over carefully before entering the museum. A Check List for Groups (189 KB)

Here is a curriculum proposal for teachers who wish to take advantage of the exhibition and gallery rooms at the Reykjavík Art Museum at their own accord. It is possible to organize the curriculum according to the needs and subject of each group and consult with the educational department about the possible use of the curriculum. The curriculum can be sent by snail mail or accessed by sending a request to fraedsludeild@reykjavik.is [pdf of curriculum]

Bus and a 4th grade project at the Ásmundur Sveinsson Museum
In the cabbage patch of existence - Ásmundur Sveinsson
A project about Ásmundur Sveinsson sheds light on the artist, his time and subjects. The students come to the museum, go on a guided tour and receive a project which they complete at the museum and the URL: www.asmundursveinsson.reykjavik.is has entertaining multi-media which teachers can use to prepeare the museum visit or to follow up on it.

A bus and 6th grade project at Kjarvalsstaðir
Life is an art - Art is life - – Jóhannes S. Kjarval
A project about Jóhannes Sveinsson Kjarval offers excellent insights into the entire work of Jóhannes S. Kjarnval, one of the pioneers of Icelandic painting, who has shaped our vision of the country and its nature. The students look over most important works by the artist and receive a questionnaire project in order to enhance their understanding of the works of Kjarval and the time from which they spring. The project demands that the students select a piece of art and regard the works, form an opinion and compare the various influences on the works of Kjarval

Bus and project for 8th grade at Hafnarhús
Thinking with the eyes – Erró (Guðmundur Guðmundsson)
The works of Erró are exhibited at Hafnarhús and a special emphasis is placed on presenting them to teenage students. The affecting visual world of the artist and the visual language of pop art appeal strongly to teenagers who are subjected to a great deal of visual stimuli in their daily lives. The life and work habits of the artist are also covered during the visit


Curriculum - a suggestion for a curriculum for teachers who wish to take advantage of the exhibitions and museums of the Reykjavík Art Museum without a guide (PDF 0.99 MB)


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