Listasafn Islands

Jóhannes S. Kjarval

1885 Jóhannes Sveinsson was born on the farm Efri-Ey in Meðalland, Vestur-Skaftafellssýsla district, on 15 October.

1890 Jóhannes was fostered by a relative in Geitavík.

1902 Moves to Reykjavik.

1904 Took lessons in drawing from Stefán Eiríksson. He studied at Flensborgarskóli school till 1906. Next few years he went to sea on a fishing smack.

1908 His first public exhibition at the Góðtemplarahús premises in Reykjavik.

1910 Recieves instruction in drawing and painting from Ásgrímur Jónsson. Begins to use the name Kjarval.

1911 Holds an exhibition in Seyðisfjörður. Goes to London to get education and lives there till 1912.

1912 Goes to Copenhagen and gets registered at the Det Teikniske Selskabs Skole.

1913 Admitted to the fine arts department of Det Kongelige Akademi in Copenhagen.

1914 Went on a working trip to Iceland that summer and paints an altarpiece in Bakkagerðiskirkja church.

1915 Marries Tove Merrild.

1917 Graduates from Det Kongelige Akademi in Copenhagen on 17 December.

1918 Holds an exhibition in Den Frie in Copenhagen.

1920 Recieves a grant to travel to Italy and stays there for about six months.

1922 He and his family move Iceland.

1924 Paints a mural based on the fishing industry for the premises of the National Bank.

1925 Publishes the first issue of Árdegisblað listamanna, Essencism. The issues would number only two.  Divorces his wive, Tove.

1928 Sets off to Paris and stays there for about six months.

1929 Austurstræti 12 becomes his studio and home base for coming decades.

1930 Stayed at Þingvellir over the summer to paint. He paints till 1940, mostly around Reykjavik. Publishes the book Grjót.

1931 Opens exhibition in Charlotteburg in Copenhagen.

1932 Took part in a joint exhibition by Icelandic artists in Galerie Moderne in Stockholm and Kunstforeningen in Oslo.

1933 Opens his studio to the public and showes a work called Lífshlaupið.

1935 Exhibition of 410 of Kjarval‘s work in connection with his 50th birthday.

1940 From 1940 he travels to Snæfellsnes og V-Skaftafellssýslu among other places to paint.

1942 Opens an exhibition in Jón Þorsteinsson‘s sports hall venue on Lindargata. He uses the venue for the next years.

1945 Opens an exhibition in Listamannaskálinn. The district committee of Árnessýsla offers to build an art gallery in the are for the preservation and exhibition of Kjarval‘s work.

1948 Travels east to Hérað and Borgarfjörð eystri. There he paints Heimahaga among other paintings.

1950 His summer house is constructed in “hvammurinn” and he stayed there and painted. Book about Kjarval published by Helgafell, with an introduction by Halldór Laxness.

1954 Reykjavik buys the Kritik for 21.000 kr.

1955 Exhibition of Kjarvals work in National Gallery of Iceland.

1958 Receives the Swedish Prince Eugen Medal for his contribution to the arts.

1960 Kjarval and Ásmundur Sveinsson show their works in Venice.

1962 Finishes his work Skjaldbreið, séð frá Grafningi.

1963 Paintings by Kjarval, Ásgrím Jónsson and Jón Stefánsson are in an exhibition in Moscow.

1966 Broke ground for the construction of an art museum building on Miklatún, that was given the name Kjarvalsstaðir. Paints his last collection at Bleikdalsá in Kjalarnes 1966-67.

1972 Kjarval dies on 13 April at the Reykjavik City Hospital.

1973 Kjarvalsstaðir on the Miklatún park opened 24 March.

2002 Kjarvalsstofa opened in Borgarfirði eystri.

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