Listasafn Islands

Mission statement

The vision of the Reykjavík Art Museum is to be a world-class venue for the visual arts committed to serving diverse audiences purposefully and to be an inviting destination in the daily lives of members of the community.

• To select works for the collection and exhibitions based primarily on their artistic value.

• To manage exhibitions, educational programs, and publications in the way that the contemporary art will be accessible to all.

• To sustain research and registration of the collection, enabling the museum to continue to fulfill its cultural and historical role.

• To manage the public artworks in Reykjavik, ensuring that these works maintain their artistic value.

• To highlight major trends and currents in contemporary art, to make it possible for local residents and other museum guests to keep abreast of progressive Icelandic and international art.

Printed of the web Reykjvik Art Museum, 04.50.2015