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Asmundur Sveinsson

About the artist
Asmundur Sveinsson was one of the pioneers of sculpture in Iceland. He studied at the Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, under the guidance of the sculptor Carl Milles. Early on he was exposed to the traditional view that sculpture should be part of the urban environment. After completing his studies in 1926 he moved to Paris where he lived for three years. The city was then the uncontested centre of contemporary art in Europe and his stay there influenced him no less than his formal education.

Throughout his life, Sveinsson remained loyal to his belief that art should be for the people and have its place among them. He was called the “poet of the people” in the field of art and undoubtedly this ideal was rooted in his philosophy of life no less than in the traditions of sculpture. Most of his sculptures were conceived as works for public spaces, an integral part of their environment or designed for utility.
Asmundur Sveinsson
The Asmundur Sveinsson Collection
Asmundur Sveinsson was one of the pioneers of Icelandic sculpture.
The Asmundur Sveinsson collection contains works that span the whole career of the artist and clearly show how his artistic vision developed throughout his life.  Among the oldest are sculptures that he created as a student at the State Academy in Sweden. Later came the grand masterpieces that praise the Icelandic common people, folk-tales and nature.  Finally the collection has a number of abstract works, that the artist created in the last decades of his life. 
Asmundur Sveinsson donated his house and his collection to the City of Reykjavik after his day.

Books about Asmund Sveinsson
All the museum stores at the Reykjavik Art Museum, -Kjarvalsstadir, -Asmundur Sveinsson Sculpture Museum
and the Hafnarhus, have books about Asmundur Sveinsson, his artwoorks and his career.

Exhibition of works by Asmundur Sveinsson are put on display at the Asmundur Sveinsson Sculpture Museum.


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