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The Erro Collection
In 1989 Erro (b.1932) presented the City of Reykjavik with a large collection of his works. Among these were paintings, watercolours, graphic works, sculptures, collages and other works of art that span the whole artistic career of Erro, all the way back to his childhood. In addition Erro presented the city with invaluable materials that all relate to his career as an artist.
The Erro Collection now consists of more than 4000 art works. This Collection has a permanent residence at the Hafnarhus where it is presented with different retrospective exhibitions.

About the artist
Erro was one of the first Icelandic artists to organize and take part in performances in the early sixties, and during that time also worked in film, which was the precursor to video art; he has also worked considerably in drawings, collage, printmaking and sculpture throughout his career.

Erro settled in Paris in 1958. He has held a great number of private exhibitions all over the world, and his works have been presented in an even larger number of group exhibitions. Only a few are mentioned here. His art is represented in museums and public institutions in a number of countries worldwide. Erro lives and works in Paris, Thailand and in Spain.

Books about Erro
All the museum stores at the Reykjavik Art Museum, -Kjarvalsstadir, -Asmundur Sveinsson Sculpture Museum
and the Hafnarhus, have books about Erro, his artwoorks and his career.

The Reykjavik Art Museum - Hafnarhus helds regular exhibitions of works from the Erro Collection.

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