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About the film
In times where headlines about the so-called “Culture Clash” hunt each other, the Iranian Filmmaker Afsar Sonia Shafie tells us a different story. It is the story of her Grandma, her Mother and herself. In a very private and exemplary way the film tells us about how women fight for their right to progress. This is a fascinating, personal film about strong women in Iran.

About the director
Afsar Sonia Shafie was born in 1968 in Teheran, Iran. In 1988 she completed a degree in Social Sciences and Economics from Fatemieh school of Teheran and in 1992 a BA degree in  Philosophy at the University of Tabriz. 2000-01 ECAL (École Cantonale de l'Art Lausanne). In 1997 she completed her first documentary, The Great Archer of the Mountains.

About Reykjavík Documentary Workshop
Reykjavík Documentary Workshop is an association whose aim is to spread the culture of documentary filmmaking to professionals and others interested in documentary in Iceland. RDW offers monthly encounters with internationally acclaimed directors who present their works through screenings and talks. In addition, RDW is building a library of publications, VHS and DVD relating to the practice and theory of documentary filmmaking. RDW seekd multidisciplinary collaborations in order to investigate the notion of document and documentary in other disciplines and in visual practices. RDW also operates an active homepage,, for new and links about documentary.

RDW is sponsored by the Icelandic Ministry of Culture and the City of Reykjvík. In addition, the association has established collaboration with Reykjavik Art Museum, Hafnarhúsið, where all screenings will be hosted from January 2008 on.

For further information, please contact the assocation’s director Emiliano Monaco, tel. +354 699 7083, email

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