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Frum- Festival for new music - Kjarvalsstaðir, Sunday 10 June 8 p.m.

Kristjana Helgadóttir and Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson


Frum- is a festival for contemporary music taking place in Reykjavik/Iceland in June every year. The goal of the festival is to introduce masterpieces of contemporary music literature - pieces that have already established themselves within music history but nevertheless are seldomly heard in the concert halls of Reykjavík. Additionally selected pieces by young composers from all over the world expand the festival's program.  frum- offers a great opportunity to get an international perspective on traditions and trends of contemporary music developments. The festival is organized in cooperation with The Reykjavik Art Museum. The museum's exhibitions allow the audience to experience the music in a creative and stimulating environment.

Kristjana Helgadóttir, flutes
Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson, clarinets


Solo works for alt- and bass flute, clarinet and bass clarinet

Toshio Hosokawa  (1955) -  Atem-Lied (1997) for bass flute
Ruben Sverre Gjertsen (1977) - Murmurando (2010) for bass flute
Kaija Saariaho (1952) -  Couleurs du vent (1998) for alto flute
Dominik Karski (1972) - streamforms (2003) for amplified bass flute

Mark André (1964) -  ...IN... (2003) for amplified bass clarinet
Jakob Diehl (1978) - Suada (2009) for bass clarinet
Franco Donatoni (1927-2000) - Clair (1980) for clarinet
Heather Frasch (1975) - Quietly breathing (2012) for bass clarinet and electronics
Gérard Grisey (1946-1988) - Charme (1969) for clarinet

Entrance:  2000 / 1500 for students and senior citizens. Free for 16 years and younger.

Printed of the web Reykjvik Art Museum, 30.26.2015