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KJARVAL the master. Kjarvalsstaðir, Sunday 12 February 3 p.m.

Einar Garibaldi

Artist Einar Garibaldi Eiríksson, participates in a gallery talk through the exhibition Kjarval – Key Works by Jóhannes S. Kjarval (1885-1972). Kjarval or “the master” as he was called early on - holds a special place in Icelandic art history and culture as one of the most highly regarded artist of the nation. He was a living legend and famous for his interpretation of Icelandic nature.

Einar Garibaldi has previously curated exhibitions where he researches the myths that surround Kjarval - the legend.

The talk takes place in Icelandic

Printed of the web Reykjvik Art Museum, 04.08.2015