Listasafn Islands

Viðey Island. Sunday 17 July 2:30 p.m.

Guided tour at Viðey Island where works by Richard Serra and Yoko Ono are located. Heiðar Kári Rannversson, BA in art history and theory, guides the tour, which will take place in Icelandic.

The Imagine Peace Tower by Yoko Ono
The Imagine Peace Tower is a work of art conceived by the legendary artist, musician and peace advocate Yoko Ono as a beacon to world peace. The work is in the form of a wishing well from which a strong and tall tower of light emerges. The words IMAGINE PEACE are inscribed on the well in 24 world languages.

Standing Stone – Nine Locations – Two Elevations by Richard Serra ?
The out door sculpture Milestones by the US sculptor Richard Serra is placed on the west part of Viðey. Serra who is one of the most influential sculptors of the post-war era, made this work as a gift to the Icelandic people at Reykjavík Arts Festival in 1990. The work comprises nine pairs of pillars of columnar basalt, which “frame” certain landmarks and destinations. ?Each pair of pillars is so placed that one stands nine metres above sea level, and the other ten metres. The pillar which stands lower is four metres long, and the other three metres, so the tops of the pillars are level. The distance between each pair of pillars is defined by the varying gradient of the ground where they stand.

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