Listasafn Islands

Gallery talk with artist Magnús Pálsson. Kjarvalsstaðir, Sunday 6 March 3 p.m.

Sýning sýninganna, Ísland í Feneyjum í 50 ár. Laufey Helgadóttir, sýningarstjóri, Kjarvalsstaðir. Ljósmyndari Pétur Thomsen  Listasafn Reykjavíkur  Listamenn

Artist Magnús Pálsson participates in a talk in relation to the exhibition  50 Years of Icelandic Art at the Venice Biennale.
Magnús Pálsson (b. 1929) was invited by the Nordic countries to represent Iceland at the Biennale in 1980, offering exhibition space in the Danish pavilion, which was one of the oldest. He showed his work alongside Danish artists Björn Nörgaard (b. 1947) and Per Kirkeby (b. 1938). At that time Magnús Pálsson was working extensively in plaster, often making plaster casts of immaterial phenomena. Inspired by the idea of opposites, and positive and negative reality: the artist saw each phenomenon as having a positive value vis-à-vis other phenomena and its surroundings, which had a negative value. Amoung works exhibited in Venice was Sekúndurnar þar til Sikorskyþyrlan lendir/The seconds before the Sikorsky helicopter lands (1976), which was displayed on the lawn in front of the pavilion, shows the gap between a runway and the undercarriage of an helicopter about to land on it.
As groundwork for the exhibition is a newly published research of Iceland’s participation in the Venice Biannale in Italy, which is first of its kind ever made on the subject. Icelandic artists have had their representative at this major international contemporary art exhibition for fifty years but their regular participation did not start until the year 1984. The Venice Biannale takes place once every two years and is claimed to be one of the world’s most important forums for the dissemination about the current developments in international art. In the year 2009 seventy seven nations took part in the Biennale and the number is still growing.
The event will take place in Icelandic and is open to everyone.

Printed of the web Reykjvik Art Museum, 06.29.2015