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Kino Club - J. Leighton Pierce. Hafnarhús, Thursday 9 December 8 p.m.

Leighton Pierce uses film, video, and sound to create experiences in transformative time. He creates multi-channel site-specific installations as well as single channel works. Pierce executes all aspects of his works himself including the conception, the cinematography, the editing, and of course the sound design and composition.

Leighton PierceHis award-winning short films and videos have been exhibited in major art museums and film festivals throughout the world including The Sundance Film Festival, The Whitney Biennial , The San Francisco, New York, and Rotterdam Film Festivals, Pompidou Center in Paris, and many more.  Every film he has made is an award winning film.

He Likes to Chop Down Trees | 1980 | 16mm | 3.5 m
A film about editing, rhythm and a bit about character.

Not Much Time | 1982 | 16mm | 8m
A bank robbery repeats several times, each time within a different context and from a different point of view. Is there a double-cross? Why are the passersby so calm? The audience must reconstruct the event and assume the role of detective in this mystery of narrative space.

Red Shovel | 1992 | 16mm | 8m
A narrow angle of a view, closely watched, on the Fourth of July.

Fall | 2002 |  miniDV | 13m
A struggle to hold on to the world, the various worlds we try to inhabit.
Shot in the south of France during the fall of 2001.

Sitting | 2009-2010, | HD video | 3.5m
A woman offers herself as the source of an image to a female painter. A man photographs them both. What is at stake when one submits to the gaze of another? And, what is received from that offering?

Sharp Edge Blunt | 2010 | HD video | 1.5m
A simple task executed with ambiguous intent.

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