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Kinoklubbur - Jennifer Reeder. Hafnarhús Thursday 11 November 8 p.m.

Jennifer ReederThe collaboration of Kinoklubbur and Reykjavik Art Museum is now dedicated to the film director Jennifer Reeder. Three of her films will be screened at Hafnarhús.
Seven Songs About Thunder 2010, HD, 15min
winner of Best Narrative, Ann Arbor Film Fest
Fake pregnancy, a lost cell phone, a dead body and therapy. Through a series of odd connections three complicated and likable women are tangled together in a tender mess as they learn to be mothers, friends and lovers…..or not.
White Trash Girl, trilogy
Part I The Devil Inside 1996, video, 8min
and Part III Law of Desire 1997, video 18min
The monstrous adventures of «White Trash Girl.» Jennifer Reeder acts as the protagonist, a blond Super-Hero and Cyborg figure of a totally different kind: Born as the result of an incestuous rape, flushed down the toilet and raised in a chemical dump, the female outcast struggles for her survival. Scenes of everyday violence are paralleled with scientific imagery on her birth.
 Jennifer Reeder films have screened at festivals, museums, and galleries around the world. 
Anthology Film Archive, NY
International Film Festival Rotterdam
Ann Arbor Film Festival
Impakt Festival
Chicago Underground
Artist statement
There are millions of little dramas inside me which must come out. Slowly unfolding scenes, sounds, parts, and bytes, personal and ironic, about trauma, coincidence, women and Ohio. My commitment to filmmaking was initiated when I purchased my first camera and is now firmly established through a focus on narrative storytelling and a dedication to the history and future of video. This work is guided by my personal history growing up in the Midwest and conditioned by the technology I use. My practice requires expertise in writing, directing, camera operation and editing and I have learned to anticipate the problems best solved within the constantly evolving field of digital filmmaking.
You Little Heartbreaker 1993, 8 Channel Video Installation 80min
Deluxe Vacation 1994, Single Channel Video, 8min
The Devil Inside 1996, video, 8min
Natural Born Cocksuckers 1996 , Video 13min
Law of Desire 1997  Video, 18min
My Little Pretty 1998  Single Channel Video Installation, 47min
Faster, Fastest 1998  Two Channel Video Installation, 20min
Nevermind 1999  Single Channel Video Installation,18min
Johnny Take a Dive 1999 Single Channel Video Installation, 14min
Lullaby 1999 Single Channel Video Installation, 13min
The Secret History 1999 Single Channel Video Installation 8 min
Le Tour Est Continuer La Respiration (The Trick is to Keep Breathing) 1999  Three Channel Video Installation, 49min
God's Own Private Mystery 1999 Three Channel Video Installation, 60min
Hide Inside Me Tonight 2000 48min
With Someone I Love ‘Darling’otherwise, nothing 2000 Installation video with miniatures, 18min
No Known Enemies are Eternal 2001  Video loop
Twin Decks 2001 (with Jon Leone) Digital Video, 6min
A Room With the Walls Blasted to Shreds and Falling 2001 Digital Video, 35min
A Double Image Both in Focus Simultaneously 2001, Two channel, 3min
Small Sleepy Driver And The Fountain of Blood 2002 Digital Video, 14min
Teenage Sex Angel And The Avalanche of Sorrow 2002 Digital Video, 11min
The Ex-Boyfriend And Other Impossible Pleasures 2002 Digital video, 10min
Tiny Plastic Rainbow 2003
Digital Feature Movie (80 minutes)
Written and Directed by Jennifer Reeder
Color in English and Swedish (with English subtitles)
The Closer Stockholm 2004 Digital Video, 30min
The Heart and Other small Shapes 2006,  HD, 30min
Pink and Silver 2006, HD, 3min20

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