Listasafn Islands

ERRÓ – GUIDED TOUR WITH MUSIC HISTORIAN. Hafnarhús, Sunday 13 December 3 p.m. (In Icelandic)

Sigfríður Björnsdóttir music historian leads gests through the world of famous composers in Erró´s paintings from the exhibition Erró – Portraits, and plays music samples. The main focus of Björnsdóttir‘s tour are the copmosers Brahms, Wagner, Stravinsky and Schumann some of them from the artist‘s serie Counterpoint whish he painted in the years 1978-1983.
The exhibition Erró – Portrett presents his portraits or characters descriptions of well known individuals in the fields of science, politic, literature and arts. Curated by Danielle Kvaran.

Printed of the web Reykjvik Art Museum, 04.44.2015