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GUIDED TOUR BY UNA DÓRA COPLEY, DAUGHTER OF NÍNA TRYGGVADÓTTIR.Sunday, 21 June at 3 p.m. Kjarvalsstaðir– From Unuhús to West 8th Street

Una Dóra Copley, daughter of the artists Nína Tryggvadóttir and Alfred L. Copley, participates in a guided tour through the exhibition From Unuhús to Wes 8th Street next Sunday at 3. p.m. In Icelandic. Entrance is free.

The connecting theme of the exhibition is the life career of the Icelandic artists Louisa Matthiasdottir and Nína Tryggvadóttir and their connection with other artists, poets and writers in Iceland and New York. In one way the exhibition focuses on their situation in Icelandic culture in the Second World War and their connections with artists that met frequently in “The House of Una”. On the other hand the exhibition will follow Louisa and Nína to New York where they moved in the early forties.
Their art will be put in context with the influential movements taking place in the cultural live of New York at that time and tries to throw light on the surrounding they bread in. They both studied in the renowned academy of Hans Hofmann on West 8th Street where they experienced new ideas and met artists that put mark on the cultural life of the city. On exhibit are many works by the two artists which have not been exhibited in Iceland before and also works by their known contemporaries Hans Hoffmann, Robert De Niro Sr., Nell Blaine and Jane Freilicher. Curator is Hrafnhildur Schram.

Printed of the web Reykjvik Art Museum, 02.30.2015