Mojoko & Shang Liang: Reactive Wall

6 Sep 14 - 21 Okt 14


The interactive artwork Reactive Wall is one of several collaborations between artist Mojoko and computer programmer Shang Liang. Mojoko worked on the graphics, which comprise 200 popular icons drawn from Asian and Western contexts. Visitors interact with the work by making sounds through a microphone: the pitch and volume received is interpreted by the software, which in turn manipulates how the icons appear. More information:

Mojoko (a.k.a. Steve Lawler) was born in Iran and grew up in Hong Kong. His works have regularly been showcased around the world at international institutions and independent galleries.

Shang Liang, born in Singapore, started WE/WEAR/GLASSES in 2009 and began experimenting with creative coding that explores new ways for people to interact with graphics, sound and motion. They are both based in Singapore.

Reactive Wall - Reykjavik, Iceland. Sept 06 2014 from Kult 3D on Vimeo.


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Mojoko & Shang Liang: Gagnvirkur veggur/Reactive Wall, 2010.

Mojoko & Shang Liang: Gagnvirkur veggur/Reactive Wall, 2010.


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