Egill Sæbjörnsson - Spirit of Place and Narrative

29 October 2009 – 3. January 2010


The narrative side of Egill Sæbjörnsson’s work comes to the fore in this exhibition at Hafnarhús. On display are works dating from 2005, featuring dialogue between characters or objects that convey unfolding events or time. Places and objects harbor a certain life that emerges in human proximity, within and beyond gallery walls. Through prior knowledge, each person bestows meaning on what crosses his or her path. Egill Sæbjörnsson was nominated for the 2010 Carnegie Art Award and did recently release his second music CD. A substantive book on his art was recently published in Germany. Egill lives and works in Berlin.

Sunday 1 November 3 p.m.
Hafnarhús – Egill Sæbjörnsson / Sequences
3 p.m. Curator Karolin Tampere and artist Egill Sæbjörnsson discuss Egill’s exhibition.

Thursday 5 November 8 p.m.
Hafnarhús – Egill Sæbjörnsson /Sequences
Performance – The Mind by Egill Sæbjörnsson and Marcia Moraes.

Thursday 17 December 8 p.m.
Hafnarhús – Egill Sæbjörnsson Concert 
Egill and Co perform music from his new CD, Egill Sæbjörnsson.

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Egill Sæbjörnsson. Grey Still Life II, 2009

Egill Sæbjörnsson. Grey Still Life II, 2009


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