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Sirra Sigrún Sigurðardóttir: Flatland

1 Nov 14 - 25. Jan 15

In her Flatland Sirra Sigrún (b. 1977) juxtaposes structural stasis with movement by integrating video with text, movement and sculpture. The title Flatland is a reference, among other things, to a book of that title published in 1884, a satirical portrayal of the social hierarchy using the language of mathematics and geometry.

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Gunter Damisch, Rotfeldwege,1993.

Gunter Damisch: Worlds and Ways

1. Nov 14 - 25. Jan 15

This exhibition is a selection of works by Gunter Damisch (b. 1958) from the 1980s to 2013. On display are both graphic works which Damisch has given the Reykjavík Art Museum and a selection of other works by him.

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Events & education

The Reykjavik Art Museum offers different events and lectures in connection with the exhibitions.

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