Ásmundarsafn was formally opened in 1983 and is dedicated to the works of Ásmundur Sveinsson (1893-1982). Ásmundur was one of the pioneers of Icelandic sculpture, finding inspiration in Icelandic nature and literature.

The Museum is housed in a unique building, once the artist’s home and studio, and which he donated to Reykjavik City along with a large collection of his work. While there are always works by Ásmundur on display, Ásmundarsafn also regularly holds exhibition of works by other artists, which often tend to have some reference to Ásmundur’s art.

The Museum is surrounded by an elegant sculpture garden, boasting around 30 sculptures by Ásmundur.

The building was in most part designed by the artist himself in the years 1942-59. He, for instance, built the curved building behind the house that was conceived both a studio and exhibition space. The architect Mannfreð Vilhjálmsson later designed the extension connecting the main building and the curved building. The form concepts of the house are inspired by the Mediterranean, the round houses of the Arab world and Egypt’s pyramids.

In Ásmundarsafn you will find magical shapes and a distinctive world.

Exhibitions at Ásmundarsafn

  • 16.04.2016

    It often falls to artists to challenge old and stagnant attitudes. Ásmundur Sveinsson (1893-1982) spoke of trying to make people “aware that they are not just mindless beasts.” According to Elín Hansdóttir (b. 1980), art should “cut the ground from beneath your feet and make you re-evaluate your rigid ideas.” In Disruption, Elín takes on Ásmundur´s artworks, searching for new viewpoints. Elín and Ásmundur work with perspective in different ways, he uses his material to capture the form, while she redefines the space.

    Photo: Bragi Guðmundsson